2 Day Great Ocean Road tour - Apollo Bay

Did you know that to drive the Great Ocean Road, it is a 700km round trip from Melbourne?
Do you really want to do that in one day?

We want to show you all the Great Ocean Road has to offer, but to do it properly, After all you are on holiday, there is no need to rush!

We drive to the far end of the Great Ocean Road first, avoiding all the crowds of daytrippers by arriving at different times to everybody else!

We also drive a lot further along the coast to show you even more of this beautiful coastline.

In winter, we are the only tour operator that will take you to Logans Beach where we can see whales from the shoreline.

If you love wildlife, we can also guarantee (well, almost!!) you kangaroos, koalas, emus and penguins.

The tour price includes dinner, breakfast and brand new hostel accommodation.
The only extra cost is lunch and an optional helicopter flight.
HIGHLIGHTS: 2 Day Great Ocean Road Tour; Tour driven in reverse direction to avoid the crowds 2 Day Great Ocean Road tour