2 Hour "old style" Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage - Manly

"Old Style" Lomi Lomi is a restorative Hawaiian massage that works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes, bringing your mind to a place of absolute stillness. It has been carefully and respectfully passed down to ensure that it remains unchanged.

Traditional Lomi Lomi aids in relieving physical pain and emotional distress, improves circulation, releases soft and deep tissue, rejuvenates vital organs, detoxifies the body, releases stress and tension, relaxes and instils a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing. Through its rhythm and patterns it activates meridians and energy points, releases energetic blocks and allows the body's own healing process to take over.

Touch, rhythm and ancient wisdom come together in this very beautiful, sacred and traditional form of massage performed the same way as it was hundreds of years ago.

HIGHLIGHTS: 2 Hour "old style" Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage; Beautiful North Head Sanctuary surrounded by natural bushland, native animals and sparkling water 2 Hour