4 Lesson Surfing Progression - Surfers Paradise

If you are really keen to learn to surf, we recommend this progression. You will develop your skills, gain surf awareness, catch heaps of waves, have lots and lots of fun and be presented with a Level 1 and 2 Surfing Certificate!!!
Over 4 lessons you will learn parts of the surfboard, catching waves and standing up, trimming the surfboard and surfing style, changing the angle progressing to turns, paddling through the break and building confidence in deeper water.
Plus we will discuss surf safety and awareness, local surfing conditions and surf breaks and assist you in purchasing the correct size surfboard for your ability.
You will learn the beginner stages that will help you progress with your surfing.
You may take your progressional lessons on consecutive days or over a week or month (whatever suits you best). 4 Lesson Surfing Progression