750HP Race Hummer Experience - Lancelin

STAGE 1 - Introduction/Education: Your Extreme Hummer Adventure begins with an education session where our instructor shows you under the bonnet of the amazing H1 Hummer and explains all the technical Hummer Features. You will learn what makes the Military Hummer so different from all the other 4WD's that are made and the difference between the H1, H2 and H3 Hummers.

STAGE 2 - H1 Military Hummer Thrill Ride : Jump into the passenger seat of a Real H1 Military Hummer as we take you up and down sand dunes that would rip the front bumper off of a normal 4WD.

Hold on tight as our expert driver takes you for an amazing thrill ride up and down razor back sand dunes in the 6.5 Litre V8 powered H1 Military Hummer

Slide sideways down dunes that would cause any other 4wd to roll over and crash, Communicate with the driver using your military headset and intercom and watch in amazement as our Hummer instructor inflates and deflates the huge tyres whilst still moving (Try doing that in a normal 4WD)

STAGE 3 - 750HP H1 Race Hummer HOT LAP : You are then strapped into a 750HP racing Hummer and taken for a High Speed HOT LAP around the sand dunes of Lancelin at speeds up to 200KPH! Watch as Motorbikes and Quads try to keep up with this Awesome Off Road Hummer. Our professional driver will blast you around the sand dunes, sliding the H1 Hummer sideways at speeds that would flip a normal 4WD over!

STAGE 4 - Photo Session: We take professional Hummer photos with your family and friends to prove you actually did it!! You can view your photos online and print your photos onto coffee mugs, mouse mats, posters, t shirts - what ever you choose!

STAGE 5 - Race Car Simulator Ride: You can then blast around in various off road racing trucks in our Professional Race Car Simulator. You will feel like a real driver with a Huge Plasma, awesome sound and feedback controls 750HP Race Hummer Experience