A Dinner to Die For - Melbourne

A wickedly funny, Melbourne based, musical, murder mystery usually served up with a delicious side of dinner

Guests are transported back to England in 1928 for Lord Daventry's birthday bash, where rumour has it he will announce his engagement to Miss Fanny. It's Agatha Christie in spirit - cut glass accents, pearls, flapper dresses and monocles.

Guests each have a role to play for the night and are encouraged (but not required) to indulge their inner artiste by dressing and behaving in character. They play detective while mingling over dinner.

If you've ever solved the murder mystery before Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot, then A Dinner To Die For is your just dessert. With lashings of double entendre, sexual innuendo, music, and designed to take place around a meal, the interactive comedy A Dinner to Die For is a great way to celebrate with friends, family or colleagues.

HIGHLIGHTS: "A bravuro performance" - Inpress; A wickedly funny Musical, Murder Mystery Show and Dinner.; “We chose 'A Dinner to Die For' for our end of year function and could not have made a better choice! All our staff loved it and it was so great to see everyone frocked up in character" A Dinner to Die For