Abseiling 3 Hours - Kangaroo Point

Abseiling is the ultimate adrenalin rush. Unlike other extreme activities where you only get one go, you can abseil lots of times in one session. Typically, you will get 7 to 10 jumps per session.
Abseiling is fun, easy and relaxing, but we agree it's not a natural thing to do so our instructors are skilled in helping you to become relaxed and familiar with the equipment, safety requirements and safe abseiling techniques.
Each session follows our proven outline of:
* safety brief
* equipment familiarity
* demonstration of techniques (by the instructor)
* practice abseils
* belay training
* as many abseils on the main cliffs as you can fit in.

Abseiling is literally safer than crossing the road. To ensure your safety, we adhere to high safety standards. Also, everyone is 'belayed' (a way of preventing you from falling to the ground) on every abseil. Abseiling 3 Hours