Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Self Guided Kayak Tour - Adelaide

The Dolphin Sanctuary is a "secret spot", incredibly beautiful and just 10 min. from Pt. Adelaide! Here the sheltered creeks are home to fascinating marine life, birds and the Port River Dolphins. The Ship's Graveyard is a unique feature of the area. Great for a sensational kayaking adventure.
Our self-guided tour gives you 2 hours of fun as you create your own unique adventure.
Our self guided tour is like hiring kayaks without the hassles. We will meet you at the waters edge with all the kayaking gear ready to go. We help you set-up, give you some basic instruction and safety pointers, supply a trail broucher and map and then you can be off to create a unique adventure of your own with family or friends. Kayaking in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is great fun, safe and a must do if you are in Adelaide!

* Kayaking is great fun in our very stable 1 or 2 person sea kayaks
* Experience an encounter with the Port River dolphins
* View the wrecks in the Ship's Graveyard Maritime Heritage Trail
* Perfect for novice or more experienced paddler

* Safety advice and information on the best spots to explore
* Detailed map of the area
* High-quality 1or 2 person sea kayaks, buoyancy vests and paddles
* Snacks and drinks (plenty of space on the kayak to bring some) Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary Self Guided Kayak Tour