Air Force Aerobatic Flight - Lilydale

Do you have what it takes to join the Air Force? This aerobatic flight will definitely test your limit and see if you can handle what it takes to be a Top Gun.

On arrival we will introduce you to our friendly instructor pilot who will brief with you on the mission. This includes instructions on how the controls operate, what to expect under G-loading and importantly, which buttons NOT to press! Our fully aerobatic 160hp Victa T6 Airtourer is similar to the trainers that the RAAF use for screening their candidates. Importantly, you sit side by side with your instructor under a large bubble canopy affording you excellent visibility while snug headsets will allow you to communicate with each other and ground control.

After a detailed pre-flight inspection of the aircraft, you will be strapped in tight and prepared for the ride of a lifetime! Climbing out from Lilydale Airport, you will have the chance to get the 'feel' of the aeroplane while taking in views of the Dandenongs, Melbourne CBD and the scenic Yarra Valley.

On the way up, your instructor may even warm you up with a steep turn or two. Once at 4,500ft is when you and your pilot will cut loose! Loops, rolls, dives, stall turns, spins, spiral dives are all on the menu. As you do these you will feel weightless and then up to 4 times heavier than your usual self as you dice with 'old man g-force'.

After 1 or 2 of all of the above, your instructor will even give you the chance to have a 'play' yourself and see if you can keep your senses while upside down at 4,500ft and 300km/hr! Just as you start feeling tired and not able to handle much more green above you and blue sky below, you will gently return to base and taxi in with the canopy open taking in plenty of O2! Air Force Aerobatic Flight