ANZ Stadium Gantry Walk - Homebush Bay

Imagine being 50 metres above the arena in the main Stadium of the Sydney Olympic Games and the Rugby World Cup! The Gantry Walk has you up underneath the roof on a see-through catwalk for a totally unique view of this amazing Stadium.


* The ANZ Stadium Gantry Walk is an exceptional opportunity to take in a view of ANZ Stadium that very few people get to see!
* Perched 55m, directly above the arena floor, you will be immediately underneath the roof, standing on a see-through gantry amongst the Stadium spot lights and sound system.
* The tour commences with a safety briefing in a change room, deep below the Stadium.
* View a video that showcases the Stadium highlights including the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as Events such as the Rugby World Cup and Australia's qualification for the 2006 Soccer World Cup Finals.
* Move up to the top of the Stadium's seating area to make the climb into the Gantry
* Experience a bird's eye view of the Stadium as your Tour Guide explains various aspects of the Stadiums operation including how the equipment in the Gantry is integral to the management of an Event
* Spend approximately 20-30 minutes up in the Gantry and move from one end of the Stadium to the other.
* Venture into the players tunnel to experience the feeling of making our way out onto the Stadium arena
* At the edge of the arena we have the actual medal podium used during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Tour participants are free to stand on the podium and take their photo with the magnificent Stadium as a backdrop.


* This fully guided tour duration is approximately 90 minutes with a full safety briefing ANZ Stadium Gantry Walk