Australia Institute of Sport - AIS Tour - Canberra

With an elite athlete as your guide, take a behind-the-scenes tour of the Australian Institute of Sport and get an insight into the life of a top sportsperson.

The advantage of having one of our athletes as your guide is that someone who is part of the process shows you how they train and prepare for big events. This is real inside information, directly from the source. You should feel free to ask questions about your guide's plans for competition and what they think of their training regime. If you want to get philosophical, you can even ask about their hopes and aspirations.

Then take on the sporting challenge in Sportex, the interactive sports experience, where you can take part in a virtual rowing or cycling race, kick a soccer penalty goal, rock climb or even play wheelchair basketball. Sportex also includes an amazing exhibit of sporting memorabilia from top Australian athletes, including uniforms, gold medals and much more. Australia Institute of Sport - AIS Tour