Balloon flight over Melbourne including breakfast - Melbourne

As one of Melbourne's premier adventure tour operators, we would love to share with you the stunning panoramic views that our beautiful city has to offer from the air. You will see Melbourne by balloon and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime with Melbourne's most experienced hot air ballooning team.

We require you to call the night prior to your flight to reconfirm. Chris, your pilot will take this opportunity to speak with you and discuss what to expect the next morning and will also clarify your wake up and meeting times for the morning along with a weather forecast prepared by the aviation department at the weather bureau.

On the morning of your flight, we will make the final decision to fly. We will only call you out if the weather is favorable for a balloon flight. We meet in the Royal Botanic Gardens on Birdwood Avenue close to the Shrine of Remembrance one hour prior to sunrise.

Hot air balloons travel with the wind so much of our navigating actually takes place prior to take off. With Chris' wealth of local knowledge and experience in Melbourne, careful consideration will be taken for our choice of take off site. We then leave as a group to the launch site by mini bus to one of Melbourne's many parks to inflate the balloon ready for take off.

With flight preparation, the choice is yours, roll up your sleeves and help prepare the balloon for flight or sit back and enjoy the spectacle as Chris fires up the balloon. Either way it's great fun. The excitement builds and anticipation mounts as the time draws closer to a sunrise lift off.

Get ready for take off...It's time to climb aboard the wicker basket under instruction from pilot and ground crew. Chris will provide a full passenger safety briefing at this time as to what to expect throughout the flight and landing. With a burst of flame from the burners it's up, up and away!

Sunrise is flight time. The balloon will climb slowly to cruising altitude; you will drift silently with the wind and take in the most magnificent perspective of Melbourne available only from a hot air balloon. Generally we average over an hour in the air each morning. You are likely to take in many of Melbourne's landmarks such as the Yarra River, MCG, Arts Centre, Rialto Tower, the Royal Botanic Gardens and many more of Melbourne's lovely parks and gardens.

Once it's time to land, we stowe away any loose articles and assume your landing positions. Chris will bring you back to earth with a gentle bump, occasionally the balloon will lay over on landing. It's all a part of the fun, time now to pack up the balloon and head off to breakfast and a glass of champagne to celebrate your adventure of a lifetime.

After your flight, the Observatory Cafand#233; in the gorgeous surrounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens is our final destination on the morning. The cafand#233; is renowned for their sumptuous food and relaxing ambience. We are sure that you will still be on cloud nine and Chris will join you for the breakfast and chat about the adventure you have just shared. Afterwards Chris will present all passengers a flight map and certificate recognising your daring in joining us on a hot air balloon flight over Melbourne. Congratulations! Balloon flight over Melbourne including breakfast