Barron River Half Day Rafting ex Port Douglas - Port Douglas

Feel the rush of white water rafting! Join us for some true fun and excitement on the Barron River. We are a vibrant, innovative and highly professional company utilising the latest in white water technology to ensure you an exhilarating yet safe half day trip.
Located only 40 minutes south of Port Douglas is the adrenalin pumping Barron River. This is a dam controlled river, allowing consistent supplies of water all year round!
After a full safety briefing and kitting everyone in the latest safety equipment we'll organise everyone into the rafts. Each of our rafts can hold up to 8 people. Each raft will have at least one experience guide, who will ensure you make it down the river in the safest yet most exhilarating way!
The trip down the river generally takes 2 hours. Along the way take in the stunning scenery of the surrounding rainforest. There'll be plenty of rapids (up to Grade 3) on our way down to keep the adrenaline pumping. Barron River Half Day Rafting ex Port Douglas