BBQ Cooking Lesson - Melbourne - Melbourne

Get the 'WOW factor' the next time you cook for friends and family
on the BBQ! You can choose one lesson from three different classes
offered. At your lesson, you will be offered a refreshment on
arrival, and then given a short safety brief and orientation. Your
chef will demonstrate the meals to be cooked, and will answer any
questions you might have prior to your hands-on cooking component.
You will then prepare the meal under the guidance of your chef. When
all the meal is ready, you sit down as a group and enjoy! Lesson are
at least a 3 course meal with bread and salad, so no-one goes home
hungry or thirsty, and includes tips on BBQ set up, safety, and
maintenance, a close look at a range of BBQ accessories, as well as
chef's tips to get professional results quickly! After completing the
lesson, you will have practical experience in food preparation,
cooking and presentation. You will have the skills necessary to
provide good food, inexpensively, with a minimum of effort. In our
classes we assume no knowledge, but have found that the more a
student knows about BBQ cooking, the more they learn from our
experienced chef presenters. BBQ Cooking Lesson - Melbourne