BBQ Game and Poultry Class - Paddington

Your BBQ Cooking class commences with a beer on arrival and an introduction to the group covering what we would most like to achieve from the lesson or course. Aprons are provided to all students to get into the mood for cooking up a storm.

Our experienced chef demonstrators introduce themselves and outline what is to be achieved from the day. In our BBQ Game and Poultry lesson, we cover aspects of important methodology around temperatures and resting meats to ensure that you will really impress when you next entertain at home.

We then get straight in to demonstrating the first dish where all participants are integral in the production, management and serving of all dishes. We sit down together as group to share in our first creation with a detailed wine tutorial matched to our first course.

We then embark on our next course covering all parts of BBQ myths and secrets and work together via an initial demonstration to achieve our next course served together. You will then be given the tongs and lifters to re-create your meals with hints and tips from our experienced chefs.

You'll be well-equipped after this lesson to show your flare on the BBQ to friends and family!

Your menu for this cook-up extraordinaire includes:

*BBQ Kangaroo Kebabs with Native Pepper and Red Wine

*BBQ Quail with Fig and Prosciutto

*Whole BBQ Steam Roasted Duck with Beetroot and Caramelised Apple

*Rotisserie Roasted BBQ Chicken with Lemon and Thyme BBQ Game and Poultry Class