Beach Tandem Skydive - The Ultimate Leap 14,000ft - Caloundra

Experience Tandem Skydiving and the highest free fall in Australia... 65 seconds of Pure Adrenalin, free fall from 14,000 feet before floating serenely through the sky down to a soft, beach landing. Want the rush of your life and a really idiotic grin that lasts for ever? Take the Ultimate Leap!

Activity Highlights:

• You'll be met by one of our friendly staff who'll sit you down, show you a tandem skydive video and explain exactly what you've got to look forward to! They'll also answer any questions you might have prior to your skydive.

• You'll then be introduced to your tandem master to be 'geared-up' (put into your harness etc) followed by a short pre-skydive briefing - this ensures you are aware of the basics of tandem skydiving and will enjoy the dive to the maximum.

• 20 minute flight before experiencing 65 seconds of absolutely amazing, adrenalin-pumping FREEFALL and 8 minutes floating by parachute to your beach landing - a real taste of what skydiving is truly all about!

• From take off up to your jump altitude it's a fantastic scenic flight where you'll enjoy the magnificent aerial views over the stunning Sunshine Coast and Glasshouse Mountains.

• Your beach landing is on one of Caloundra's soft, golden sand beaches.

What's Included:

• Pre-jump briefing

• 30 minute flight

• An exhilarating 9 minute skydive!

• Skydive Achievement Certificate Beach Tandem Skydive - The Ultimate Leap 14,000ft