Beginner Belly Dance 8 Week Course - Fitzroy

"Belly dance", "Raqs Sharqi" or "Middle Eastern dance" is a fun and creative dance form involving isolations of various parts of the body especially highlighting the pelvis and hips.
It dates thousands of years and there are an infinite number of styles to explore, offering unlimited potential for expression and enjoyment by people from all walks of life.
The 8 x 1 hour classes that will introduce you to the many types of music, moods and movements of Belly dance. Classes focus on basic stance and posture, as well as identifying and isolating muscles with basic steps.
Classes begin with a gentle warm-up, followed by instruction in technique and steps and may include learning a fun routine to impress your friends! We offer a warm and relaxed environment in which to learn, shimmy your stress away and make new friends. Beginner Belly Dance 8 Week Course