Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Vineyard and Winery - Yarra Valley

Join us for an activity-based tour of our Yarra Valley vineyard and winery, personally led by our Halliday-rated-five-star viticulturist and winemaker. What makes an excellent grape? How can the viticulturist influence factors to produce the required quality and quantity within the limitations of vineyard site, budget, etc.? What pests and threats need to be prevented - or identified and removed - and how is this done? How can flavour complexity be increased while ensuring that the required grapevine yield (tonnes per acre) is achieved? What is the impact of organic and biodynamic processes? Then move to the winery for a tour showing the equipment and discussing the different processes used to make both red and white wines. Try your hand at barrel-top-ups, wine-testing with tastings out of the barrels. Afterwards, you can enjoy a wine-tasting Masterclass, led by the winemaker. Behind-the-Scenes Tour of Vineyard and Winery