Best of Cairns (452) - Cairns

Gray Line's exclusive Best of Cairns tour exemplifies the character of Far North Queensland. The highlights of Cairns, tropical gardens, beach resorts, crocodiles, kagaroos and "true blue" Outback Aussies.

* Cairns new beachside development
* Cairns Esplanade paralleling the harbour
* Historic Courthouse Hotel
* Reef Casino Hotel
* Grand verandahed pubs and heritage buildings
* Pockets of dense rainforest
* Bats and water birds
* Enjoy an afternoon tea of Genovese coffee/tea/hot chocolate with scones and
cream at Edge Deli in Edge Hill
* St Monica's Cathedral - admire the incredible 'Creation Windows'
* Visit Surprise Creek Waterfall in Barron Gorge - an inspiration to set designers
on the hit movie 'Avatar'
* Panoramic views over Cairns and surrounds from Copperlode Lookout
* Take a guided walk through Flecker Botanic Gardens - a breathtaking collection
of lush native and exotic tropical plants....
* Orchids, palms, heliconia, bamboo, tropical fruits and vines
* Palm Cove - an idyllic tropical resort town
* Stroll along the glorious beach front Williams Esplanade of Palm Cove
* Tuck into a delicious Aussie BBQ with complimentary drinks
* You will be provided with a torch (flashlight) by your guide
* Walk in the dark and meet creatures of the night
* Owls, possums, koalas
* Large numbers of crocodiles - watch their eyes glow in the torchlight
* Enjoy Billy Tea and damper with a "swaggie" (an original Australian bushman)
* Kangaroos are sure to say g'day and maybe even share a bite to eat!
* After a complimentary beer, wine or soft drink, join in the fun and learn some
Aussie bush dances Best of Cairns (452)