Billiards / Snooker Lessons with a World Champion - Carnegie

Three times World Champion, Robby Foldvari will arrive at your home or arranged venue, and help improve your game with an entertaining approach. The session is tailored to your needs as Robby has coached beginners to advanced levels, juniors to seniors, male and females. Foldvari has a Graduate Diploma of Education so he knows how to transfer his knowledge. Whatever your goal whether it is to just enjoy the experience of meeting a world champion, improving your game, satisfying you thirst for knowledge, achieving your personal best, impressing your friends at home, beating your mates at the pub or showing off at the night club these unique sessions are for everybody.

All you need is access to a billiard table and Foldvari will give you a special insight into your favourite cuesport whether it is pool, snooker or billiards. Being an Official World Professional Billiards and Snooker Coach he teaches in a thorough, engaging manner.

Areas covered are basic technique, potting and cue ball control. Added to this you can go on to tactics, shot selection and break building. Robby can give you practice routines to make solo practice more enjoyable and fast track improvement. You can learn a trick shot to spellbind your friends.

Each level reached by students is commemorated by receiving certificates from the World Professional Association.

From the above qualifications it is no wonder Robby is recognised by many as the world's most qualified billiard sport coach. Billiards / Snooker Lessons with a World Champion