Bloomfield Falls 4WD Tour - Port Douglas

Arguably the most magnificent waterfall in the greater Daintree Rainforest Region, the Bloomfield River Falls can only be reached via the 33 km Bloomfield Track. This is a 4 wheel drive safari that can be rugged to the extreme under some weather conditions. This safari includes highlights such as the Daintree River Cruise, and the many scenic views, however it's true value lies beyond the Cape where the last of the untouched upland and lowland forests still remain. See the verdant flora in the deep valleys below the track and enjoy some of the best views along the Australian coastline.
It's a powerful place, a true wilderness where nature rules with the power of water and where ancient Aboriginal dreamtime beings dwell. Some rock art is also present on the rocks near the falls. This tour combines a variety of environments, ranging from rainforest, coastal, to upland monsoon forests and riverine environments. It's perhaps the ultimate day tour out of Port Douglas of unrivalled grandeur. This personalised tour travels with only 6 people and is well worth the early start. Bloomfield Falls 4WD Tour