Blue Mountains and Aboriginal Culture Tour - Sydney

Explore Sydney's fabulous Blue Mountains, with the region's most focussed Aboriginal and wildlife tour. Avoid the tourist traps with a small, personalised tour (maximum 14) for a day of culture, wildlife and stunning scenery.


* Hotel pick up
* Travel west of Sydney through the Cumberland Plain and Sydney's sprawling metropolis to the base of the Blue Mountains.
* Discover Australia's Aboriginal heritage at Muru Mittagar Cultural Centre
* We receive a Acknowledgement of Country (traditional welcome)
* Learn about pre European colonisation as contemporary Sydney Aboriginals art and culture
* Participate in native food and medicine plant walks, with morning tea of wattleseed pancakes
* Your aboriginal guide will show you artefacts which the world's oldest surviving culture used to survive, including the didgeridoo and boomerang and if time permits a few lessons can be organised
* Our morning Tea is complimented with some native foods prepared at their cafe
* You willexperience the amazing vistas of the Blue Mountains through secluded lookouts with short walks overlooking the best escarpments and valleys
* Your guide will take you through the timeline which led to the developments of these mountains and why Australia is dominated by Marsupials
* Our Magnificent lunch consists of a 2 course gourmet dining at one of the best restaurants in the quaint village of Leura
* After visiting some more lookouts we have afternoon tea with the chance of seeing wild Kangaroos in their natural habitat.


* Hotel pick up and drop off
* Muru Mittagar Cultural Centre
* Morning/ Afternoon tea
* Expert Guide
* Lunch Blue Mountains and Aboriginal Culture Tour