Boutique Beer Tasting Class - Sydney

Participants are welcomed on the day by the staff and offered a drink on arrival to be enjoyed at the Bar. Participants then take a seat in the Beer Class room to be joined by the beer sommelier. The time consists of a sit down session of hearing about Beer while the staff present you with different beers complimented with small entree size food matchings.

Sit back and enjoy two and a half hours of eating and drinking Redoak delights.

Your class will allow you to:
* Look at a brief history of beer around the world and in Australia.
* Explore the different brewing techniques.
* Understand the brewing process and what makes a beer.
* Learn about various beer styles from around the world.
* Learn how to better enjoy your beer by being aware of its style, quality, glassware, environment and what it is eaten with
* Experience first hand the pleasure of matching beer and food perfectly thereby developing your palate and appreciation of boutique premium beer and fine food. Boutique Beer Tasting Class