Brew Your Own Premium Beer - Woolloongabba

Your beer brewing experience is split into two separate days. The intial beer brewing day takes place and then you will return 2 - 3 weeks later to bottle your very own liquid gold!

* The Brewing Day: (approximately 1.5 hours in duration)

You'll arrive at our brewery ready to get stuck into making your own beer and while at the brewery we'll treat you to sample some complimentary beers. Don't worry - it's not hard or messy! You'll also have the opportunity to go through our recipe book of over 220 beers (just like the ones you already know and love) and pick one you'd like to brew yourself.

After you've selected your beer, our staff will take you through the brewing process, which includes measuring different quantities of malt extract, wheat, hops and dextrose - which are then added in stages to a boiling kettle of water. Ask as many questions as you like or just kick back and relax with a complimentary beer in hand. The liquid is then filtered and cooled to allow you to add the yeast - this kicks off the fermentation process. The brew is then sealed and placed in cold storage for 2-3 weeks. During this time you are invited to ask as many questions as you like regarding the process as well as sample some more complimentary beers.

* The Bottling Day: (approximately 1hour in duration and occurs approx 2-3 weeks after the brewing day. We will notify you when you need to return.)

Finally! The big day is here. You'll return to the brewery for bottling, where you will be supplied with approximately 140 sterilised bottles and enough caps to bottle your very own brew. On the day, you can continue to sample some more beers (or your own) while you bottle. Your beer is ready to consume on bottling day. Brew Your Own Premium Beer