Brisbane SLR Night Photography Workshop - Brisbane

The Night Photography Class has plenty of tips and tricks to make your night photographs look great. Take advantage of the gorgeous city lights in this class taught by a talented professional.

Beginning at sunset, as the city lights come alive, you will learn creative tips and tricks to help you generate high quality images in this fun, eye-opening experience. Night photography opens a whole new world of opportunities and amazing results.

This workshop will introduce you to some very simple, yet inspired techniques for shooting after dark. In groups of 6 or less you will start your lesson with an introduction of how to set up your camera and tripod to achieve picture perfect results. Control your camera manually, as you learn how to expose for mood, capture light blur trails, compose inventive night portraits and take a variety of photos in low light situations.

You will need a tripod for this class and these can be hired for $20 payable on the day if you do not have one. Please advise at the time of booking. A cable release is also recommended but not essential.
HIGHLIGHTS: Master the art of night time SLR photography; Capture gorgeous city lights and achieve amazing results; Learn to control your camera manually; Expose for mood; Capture light blur trails; Compose inventive night portraits; Take a variety of photos in low light situations Brisbane SLR Night Photography Workshop