Byron Bay Whale Watching Tour - Byron Bay

Experience whale watching in Byron Bay with the area's most professional whale watching tour operator. Our small, personalised tours depart daily and ensure that you will have uninterrupted views of these magical creatures as they make their way north towards their winter breeding grounds in the tropical waters of the Southern Hemisphere.

Byron Bay is Australia's most eastern point which allows it to be one best viewing locations to watch the whales as they make their journey. Sightings are often made within a few hundred meters of Cape Byron.

Join us for an interpretive and scientific tour. Each of our vessels have the use of a hydrophone to listen to the Humpback “whale song”. Our experienced guides will be more than happy to provide you with further information about whale biology and behaviour.

Come and be a part of Byron Bay's most amazing natural event. Experience the annual Humpback whale migration with us! Byron Bay Whale Watching Tour