Byron's Beaches and Headlands Flight - Byron Bay

This is the best way to see Byron Bay and surroundings from the air and it is the perfect introduction to the aviation sport of flying microlight!
From Tyagarah airfield, first we will fly over:
Seven Mile Beach
Broken Head National Reserve
Tallow Beach
Cape Byron
The famous lighthouse
Main Beach
The Trial Introductory Flight might be your first open air experience but it is also your first lesson in a microlight aircraft. It is your chance to experience the truly amazing sensation of flight in one of these small, yet incredibly robust, flying machines.
You will experience for yourself the sensation of open-cockpit flight in a small aircraft.
The school's microlights fly at around 45-60 mph, no faster than a sedate cruise on a motorcycle, and we will fly at around 1000-2000 feet, so you'll have plenty of time to take in the unrivalled views you get from the back seat. All the equipment you need for your trial flight - flying suit, gloves, helmet and intercom headset - will be provided. The Trial Introductory Flight includes comprehensive pre-flight briefing, description of the aircraft and how to board it. We will then give you a basic explanation of procedures and controls.
During the flight, if you wish, you may take control of the aircraft if the weather conditions are suitable. Duration: 45 minutes Byron's Beaches and Headlands Flight