Canning Stock Route 2011 - Wiluna

Tour Inclusions: Camping and National Park Fees, Aboriginal Land Transit fee
Petrol vehicles must be able to carry sufficient fuel for 1900 kms of slow desert driving and will require a fuel drop at Well 23.
Please note: in 2008 no fuel drop was available and a discussion is underway to re-instate such in 2009. If this does not go ahead there will be options to either refuel in Newman, Cotton Creek (Diesel only) or — Kunawarritji Community.
First Section:
From Yulara we make our way to Giles weather station via Docker River, from there to Warburton Roadhouse, Everard Junction, Carnegie Station and finish the first leg of this journey in Wiluna. We will have a rest day. By now we have traversed some of the tracks built by Australia's last Pioneer - Len Beadell.
We are allowing 6 days.
Second Section: From here we will encounter many difficult to traverse sand dunes. As Mr Canning established this stock route he also had to ensure a continous water supply, hence the many wells to follows.
Day 1: Wiluna — Well 29
Day 2: Well 29 — Pierre Spring
Day 3: Pierre Springs — Well 12
Day 4: Well 12 — Calvert Range
Day 5-6: Calvert Range — Durba Springs -
Day 7: Durba Springs — Savoury Creek
Day 8-9: Savoury Creek — Georgia Bore
Day 10: Georgia Bore — Thring Rock
Day 11: Thring Rock — Kunawarritji Community
Day 12-13: Kunawarritji Community — Well 37 — Well 39
Day 14-15: Well 39 — Well 41 — Well 46
Day 16-18:
Well 46 - Billiluna
Day 19-20:
Billiluna along the Tanami to Alice Springs.
Travel in convoy in the comfort of your own or hired dual-range, high clearance 4wd vehicle, guided and assisted by our qualified and experienced guide, sleep under the stars, swim in waterholes and much more. This is a unique self-drive - self catered tour and clients must bring their own camping gear, for other items to bring pls refer to other information
Vehicles must be in a sound mechanical condition and have a carrying capacity of approx 240ltrs of fuel is required Canning Stock Route 2011