Carveboard Skate Lesson - Bondi Beach

Carveboarding is the ultimate cross-trainer for surfing or snowboarding. No other board can simulate the feeling of surfing or snowboarding as much as the Carveboard. Carving pushes your boundaries, improves your style, strengthens your legs and abdominal area and without a doubt gets you stoked!

A Carveboard is like a long skateboard, only super-flexible and turns really easily. It is this turning ability and the response of the board that allows the rider to replicate the feeling of surfing or snowboarding.

To adhere to our strict safety requirements, when you come to carve you are first fitted with knee, elbow, wrist pads and a helmet. You will have a dedicated coach for the duration of your lesson and this will be tailored to your specific level of experience - including the level known as 'never been on a board in my life'.

Learn how to bottom-turn, generate speed and cutback like you would on a wave or mountain without having to catch any waves or chairlifts! Together, we’ll find the right hill and carve all the way down – like a smooth concrete wave. The feeling and movements of a carveboard are almost identical to that of surfing or snowboarding and has been utilised as the preferred surf and snowboard training tool by some of the world's leading professional surfers and snowboarders.

Carveboarding teaches or hones the core skills required for surfing and snowboarding. It's the perfect activity to keep yourself in peak condition in between snow seasons or when the surf if flat. Once you get the feeling, you’ll want to carve every day! Carveboard Skate Lesson