Chill On - Ice Lounge and Ski Lodge - Melbourne

No other bar can claim to be the coolest! Visit our Ice Lounge for a truly Arctic experience. The walls are made of ice. The chairs are made of ice. The tables and even the drink glasses are all made of ice!

When you arrive at the Ice Lounge we will provide you with all the warm gear you'll need to wear in order to enjoy your chilly surrounds. The air and furniture is freezing but there's no reason why you shouldn't be snug and warm on the inside!

Your guide will then take you through the door and into the Ice Lounge. It will take your breath away!

Walking into the Ice Lounge will be like walking into the middle of a huge crystal! The walls, floors and furnishings around you glitter with a blue ice glow. It's minus 10 degrees in here so everything stays crisp, cold and stunning.

Included in the price is one of our fantastic cocktails, served in an ice cocktail glass. You will also be given a shot that has been poured through our unique ice luge!

Sit back, sip on your crisp cocktail and admire the splendid hand-carved ice sculptures that add decoration to this already impressive and unique setting. Or recline on an impressive icy lounge and pose for a photo or two.

For a truly glacial experience visit Melbourne's Ice Lounge. It's the perfect place to just...chill. Chill On - Ice Lounge and Ski Lodge