Chocolate Delectable Delights Walking Tour - Darlinghurst

On this 2.5 hour Chocolate Delectable Delights Walking tour you will stroll through the streets and lanes of Darlinghurst and be introduced to two exceptional and avant garde artisan chocolate shops.

The chocolate experience on this tour is not for the faint-hearted, connoisseurs will be in their true element!

At the first chocolate shop you will:

* Meet the chocolatiers
* Sip a delectable and decadent hot chocolate
* Learn about how cocoa becomes chocolate
* Watch chocolate making techniques such as marble tempering
* Hear how complex flavours are combined to provide a unique tasting experience
* Taste the "edible jewels" which the chocolatiers have created.

You'll have the opportunity to counteract your chocolate consumption with seriously good coffee at a cafe on a street with a shady past. And learn about some of the lawbreakers and larrikins who used to frequent the area.

Before the second chocolate experience of the tour, pique your palate with gorgeous gelati from a shop which sets the benchmark for gelato and sorbet in Sydney.

You'll complete this intense indulgence tour at an intimate and luxurious salon where the owner will explain his chocolate philosophy while you explore the realms of chocolate richness. Chocolate Delectable Delights Walking Tour