Chocolate Sweet Sunday Walking Tour - Sydney

Take this trail through Sydney's centre and be tempted by chocolate confections and sweet surprises. Your 'sweet sunday' tour first indulges you in the delicious combination of hot chocolate (or coffee) and a sweet treat in a Sydney arcade, described as 'the most beautiful shopping centre in the world'.
Then, on a visit to an Australian chocolate shop, owned by a family who have been making fine chocolate from the raw cocoa bean since 1915, you'll participate in some sumptuous samplings of their chocolate creations.
You'll learn who invented milk chocolate and just how much chocolate Australians eat compared to the rest of the world!
After discovering the delights of Swiss chocolate treats, it's time to sample spectacular Australian and Belgian chocolates. Then enjoy a gorgeous gelato; choose a decadent chocolate flavour or savour a palate cleansing sorbet. The tour ends at one of Sydney's five star hotels where your trail of treats concludes with a luxurious hot chocolate or coffee.

Or why not add some sparkle to your day and conclude with sparkling wine and chocolate petits fours instead of a coffee. What a special way to conclude our Sunday stroll through the city's sweet heart! Chocolate Sweet Sunday Walking Tour