Circus Skills – Eight Week Course - Sydney - Marrickville

The course runs for two hours each week on Tuesdays from 6 - 8pm for eight weeks. Each class will begin with drama games, warm up and conditioning exercises to improve strength.

You will learn how to hang correctly from a trapeze bar by your hands, ankles, and knees. You will also learn aerial rope and tissue techniques and will be taught the art of acro-balance, which is creating human pyramids and basic acrobatics. Juggling techniques and hula hoop spinning is another skill we will work on together in class.

This is a fun and challenging program which will leave participants energised and wanting more. We work in a friendly, skill-sharing environment and encourage all participants to support and assist their peers.

This is a great opportunity to improve strength and flexibility, whilst improving trust and team building skills. Circus Skills – Eight Week Course - Sydney