Circus Workshop For 4 People - Sunshine Coast - Maroochydore

You and your three friends can experience life in the circus during this 2 hour experience. At your flying-trapeze workshop, your instructors will warm you up with specific stretches and take you to a 'ground' level practise bar. Your safety belt is fitted and you will learn, on the practice bar, the 'position' to be performed whilst swinging.

You will be instructed how to 'take-off' on your first flight, with an instructor holding you at all times in your safety harness! The first
trick learned is called a 'knee-hang'. Once you have mastered that in just a few swings you can also easily learn how to complete a 'back-flip' down to the net.

The Bungee-Trampoline is a fantastic way to instantly learn flips and tricks high in the air. Great for aerial awareness and a really great
way to gain confidence for activities such as the Flying-Trapeze. The ride is just under 10 minutes, a great way to get fit whilst having fun!

You and each of your three friends will each get to try your skills on the flying trapeze and the bungee-trampoline.

Please allow approximately 2 hours for the experience. Circus Workshop For 4 People - Sunshine Coast