Citabria Aerobatic Trial Flight - 30 Minutes - Camden

Come and enjoy a hands-on aerobatic trial flight. During the flight you will be given the opportunity to try flying the aeroplane yourself and even perform some basic aerobatics.

A 30 minute trial instructional flight allows you to see how it feels to be the pilot and be in control of the aircraft under the supervision of one of our professionally trained flying instructors.

Experience flying! You will feel what it is like to take the controls and fly!

A Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) includes:

- A look through our facilities.
- Your own instructor who can answer any questions you may have.
- A hands-on preflight inspection.
- A basic explanation of the aircrafts instruments and controls.
- A guided lesson on how to taxi the aircraft.
- Flying the aircraft under the guidance of your instructor.
- 30 minutes of flight time that can be logged towards your licence.
- A debriefing on completion and an opportunity for you to ask further questions.

Flights are conducted in a Citabria, which is a popular aerobatic training aircraft. Citabria spelt backwards is 'airbatic'. Citabria Aerobatic Trial Flight - 30 Minutes