Coffee and Cafe Culture Walk - Melbourne - Melbourne

* Taste and smell the coffee this city talks so fondly of and indulge with us, and enjoy the everybody's Melbourne Foodie scene.
* Learn about the innovative licensing laws, early immigration movements and delightful laneways have fostered a loyal cafe culture, with nooks and crannies you'd often pass by.
* Witness the entrepreneurial spirit of Melbourne; from the days of coffee palaces, and pre-war market gardens, through to in-house roasters, and the origin of coffee and the Cafe Culture of Melbourne..
* Hear from the venue owners themselves of impassioned ideas, and how they make you feel at home with creative flair and interiors of a time gone by
* The coffee is certainly important, but the food that goes with it is just as delectable, Macaroons, and little tastes before lunch will keep you exploring with all your senses.
*We finish the tour with a lovely cafe lunch, and a chat on where else to explore.
HIGHLIGHTS: Indulge in the amazing foodie scene and cafes of Melbourne City!!; Tastings and quirky insider stories along the way; This tour has a "something for everyone" experience. Sweet and Savoury! Coffee and Cafe Culture Walk - Melbourne