Cooking Class/Party for 12 - Sydney

Have your cooking class/party when it suits you! Simply organise a group of up to 12 friends and you're ready to go.

On the day, as soon as you arrive at the venue the fun begins. Walk into a stunning penthouse apartment with gorgeous city views, grab an apron, and get ready for a fun culinary journey with your friends.

This class starts with the basics of cooking - knife skills, making sauces, preparation and presentation - things that don't often get taught in cooking classes. Throughout the class, you will be provided with generous helpings of professional tips such as knife sharpening, time management, menu planning and where to find the best ingredients. We complete several dishes, which you enjoy family style, exchanging stories and good cooking moments, of course, with a glass of wine in hand (BYO). Good music is also on offer for the party people.

We can help you design the perfect event or let the chef surprise you - the choice is yours. Classes are focused on developing cooking skills, with a choice of cuisines and styles from simple to complex. Learn how to cook duck properly or do that perfect Spanish feast complete with paella. Learn Greek inspired dishes, Mexican, Moroccan, Latin, or Mediterranean. Menus can be anything from three courses to a buffet.

You get an amazing experience in the world of food, where you and your friends learn things you always wanted, building your confidence in the kitchen. We give everyone copies of the recipes, and photos so you can share your cooking adventure with others.
So spice up your friends with a cooking adventure!

Customer review:

"The atmosphere you created with the great venue and your relaxed but focused teaching style gave me the confidence to have fun and learn,setting me on the road to be the best cook I can be. Since that day I have been experimenting and learning further, leading to some very enjoyable weekends with food, friends and wine." - Andrew Harris Cooking Class/Party for 12