Corporate Whale Watching Midweek Charter for 40 - Sydney

Organise an exclusive whale watching charter for your next corporate day out. Climb aboard our sports catamaran and watch the majestic whales wave their fins, dive and spout before your very eyes, just a few kilometres out to sea from Sydney Harbour! All for just $2200, that's only $55 per person!

Activity Highlights:

• We have a large oceanic park right at Sydney's doorstep. Throughout June and July each year the humpbacks swim their annual migratory path from the Antarctic waters to the warmer waters along the Eastern Australian Seaboard.

• Our success rate in spotting cetaceans over the past years averages out at 95%.

What's Included:

• Morning or afternoon tea (depending on cruise time).

• Three and a half hour morning or afternoon exclusive tour. Corporate Whale Watching Midweek Charter for 40