Couples Massage Class - South Yarra

This two-hour class begins in a Class Room of a quality Melbourne Hotel. Over the two hours of class time, you'll be shown techniques in applying oil, and warming muscles. Learn how to identify knots and how to work on them until they disappear. Understand areas of tension, and how to relieve those areas.

Importantly, this Couples Massage Class For 2 teaches you how to take care of your own hands when massaging, so they're not sore and can give the massage you want to give. This class also teaches you massage sequences, so, for example, if your partner is exhausted and has a sore neck, you're able to give them a neck and shoulder relaxation massage.

Do yourself and your partner a favour and take this Couples Massage Class in Melbourne. Not only does this class provide the skills to physically calm each other forever, but you'll learn a way to unwind together, enhancing trust and intimacy.

You will also go home with your very own bottle of professional massage oil so you can start practicing straightaway! Couples Massage Class