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 Flinders Island, Whitemark, Lady Barren, Emita, Killiecrankie, Palana

map of flinders islandOn the far eastern stretches of Bass Strait, Flinders Island isthe largest of the Furneaux Group of islands, and Tasmania's most remote getaway. The fringes of Flinders Island are dominated bydeserted beaches and striking rocky headlands which have dealt the dramatic end to many voyages. Inland, the landscape is a picturesquecombination of rich pastoral lands and the towering granite outcrops ofthe Strzelecki National Park. Visitors to the island are a collectionof hard-core fisherman, scuba divers looking to dive amongst shipwrecksand exotic marine life, no fear rock climbers, naturalists, photographers, and basically anyone who enjoys a good adventure. The adventure begins with getting there, accessible only by air and a ferrywhich runs from Bridport once a week.

Once on Flinders Island, public transport is non-existent, so getting around involves either hiring a car or mountain bike, or jumping a tour (see Tours & Trips under Things To Do). All of the companies providing these services all operate out of the island's main town of Whitemark. Whitemark also makes an ideal base for exploring therest of the island, supplying a good portion of the accommodation andlying within easy striking distance of all of the attractions. Ten kilometres south of Whitemark, the Strzelecki National Park is anexcellent place to begin explorations, brimming with wildlife and boasting some fine bushwalks. The most popular trail leads to the summit of Mount Strzelecki itself, where the vistas over the other 52 Furneaux Islands are nothing short of breathtaking. On the easternside of the park, Lady Barren is the island's deep water port,ferry terminal, and main fishing area.

19 kilometres north of Whitemark, the tiny township of Emita ishome to the Furneaux Historical Research Association Museum, a showcaseof Flinders Island's turbulent and sometimes infamous history whichdisplays old sealing and sailing relics from shipwrecks around the coast, as well as a variety of Aboriginal artefacts. Further north inthe remote top end of Flinders Island, a small range of services and places to stay can be found at the seaside hamlets of Killiecrankie and Palana.

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