Adelaide, SA

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Welcome to Adelaide


Welcome to Inner Adelaide...

Fine food, great wine, a sense of history and the good life - can all be found in the elegant city of Adelaide - the capital of South Australia and home to more than a million people.Adelaide is a feast in every way. In fact it's said there are more restaurants per head of population here than anywhere else in Australia.

Known also as the City of Churches (Holy Trinity Church 1838, St Peter's Cathedral 1869 and St Francais Xavier Cathedral,1856 - to name a few) Adelaide features traditional stone architecture and wide encircling parklands, with a picturesque natural backdrop formed by the Adelaide Hills. Designed by Colonel William Light in 1836 he laid the city out on a square mile grid pattern of wide streets and airy squares, with a buffer zone of green parklands encircling it. Lights vision has been kept alive and the Torrens Lake in the northern parklands add to the city's charm.

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