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 Wedderburn, Charlton, Boort, Kerang, Swan Hill, Ouyen, Robinvale, Mildura

In the Murray Outback you nominate the pace. Whether you want to drift, dream or discover, your holiday in the Murray Outback is sure to become a pleasure long remembered.

Whatever makes your holiday special, you will find much to enthral you in the Murray Outback. Parched Mallee wilderness, fertile Murray River wetlands, gracious historic townships and exquisite restaurants famous the nation over. The contrasts are unique. The region ripe for discovery. The Murray Outback welcomes you to sample its delights.

It is surprising how quick it is to get here. Quality highways mean the region is easily accessed from all major eastern locations as well as Adelaide. If you choose to fly, Mildura is just over an hour away. With its inviting climate, warm and dry all year round, this is truly the accessible outback.

The region is divided into five distinct areas. The Mallee outback terrain is stark and subtle i?1/2 a world away from Mildurai?1/2s verdant and abundant farmlands.Broken Hill is a gracious city with a fascinating history. Swan Hill too will beguile you with its breezy colonial charm, while through the Riverland the majestic Murray snakes its way.

Each in their own right is a choice holiday location but you may choose to tour the Murray Outback by road and explore the regioni?1/2s rich diversity.

First rate accommodation is to be found wherever you go. Be it an isolated wilderness campsite or the plush splendour of a luxury hotel, in the Murray Outback you will be sure to find the place to stay that is right for you.

Put your feet up if you want to or be active the whole day though. Trek though a national park or take a delicious afternoon snooze. In the Murray Outback you nominate the pace. Whether you want to drift, dream or discover, your holiday in the Murray Outback is sure to become a pleasure long remembered.

Rich diversity from Mallee's stark and subtle terrain to Mildura's verdant and abundant farmlands.

Murray River snakes its way through ancient wetland environments and distinct flora. Billabongs and lakes provide a haven for native plants and animals. Experience the charm of the oldest riverside townships or wonder the secluded and mysterious Lake Victoria and Mungo National Park.

Diversity is the key when you visit Mildura, a charming oasis by the majestic Murray. The river itself affords many delights-nostalgic cruises in a regal old paddle steamer, swimming or skiing or simply soaking up the sun. And for those that seek something a little more sophisticated, Mildura has many special treats in store.

Only 30 kilometres north of Mildura, Wentworth was once the busiest inland port in NSW and, at the time of Federation, one of the locations considered for the Australian capital.

You only have to drive down Argent Street in the heart of Broken Hill to realise you have arrived in a special place. The architecture of the stately old buildings along this charming avenue provides an extraordinary contrast to the outback wilderness that is little more than a stones throw away.

Nestled on the banks of the majestic Murray and at the heart of a fertile agricultural region, Swan Hill is a stylish, welcoming township which offers visitors a warm Mediterranean climate and a captivating mix of attractions, both historic and new.

There is much to see and do in the Riverland, a region graced by a warm, dry climate and populated for thousands of years by Aboriginal tribes who lived off the abundant natural resources the Murray provided.

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