Airlie Beach, QLD

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Welcome to Airlie Beach


Welcome to the Whitsundays...

The Whitsundays coast stretches hundreds of kilometres possessing some of the most beautiful parts of the Australian Coast, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands.

Bungee jumping in cairnsThe main access point for the Islands is Airlie Beach, a small but lively town, popular with backpackers and tourists alike - where you can participate in everything from sailing to diving lessons.Each September it becomes the epicentre of activities during the Whitsundays Fun Race (Yacht race).

The Whitsunday Islands are a collection of 74 islands that are simply in a league of their own. Their natural beauty is nothing short of remarkable, and yet they are not overrun with resorts. WhitsundayIsland, home to the heavenly Whithaven Beach, is the largest of theWhitsundays and having a campsite as the only form of accommodation is a prime example. Other islands include Hamilton Island, with its own airport and a wide range of entertainment including parasailing and helicopter rides.

The Great Barrier Reef, accessible from virtually anywhere on the coast, is the world's largest living organism. Over 2300 kilometres long, it stretches from Bundaberg (Fraser Coast) up to the coast of Papua New Guinea. South of Cairns the Reef extends up to an incredible 325 kilometresout to sea! Visitors can view this phenomenon through glass bottomed boats, or by snorkelling or scuba diving, activities which are abundantly available. The Great Barrier Reef contains over 400 colourful varietiesof coral, which in turn attracts an array of wildlife makingit Australia's most beautiful tourist attraction.

The largest center of the region is Cairns - and is universally regarded as one of Australia's top tourist destinations. Offering a whole host of activities from bungee-jumping to white water rafting to reef trips,though you will have to go a little further north to find beaches.

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